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Sexuality: Aaron Tveit saying Enjolras


Kaz on the Red Carpet during ABC’s 2014 Summer TCA’s ~ July 15, 2014

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Make me choose

↳ anonymous asked: 10’s TARDIS or 11’s TARDIS?

Heading up to NYC on a train to see Phantom of the Opera for my birthday, on Broadway! BEYOND EXCITED for this experience

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Anonymous asked: A very very very very happy birthday :D Have a great year, you're amazing and I love you! Have fun! :D *hugs*

You’re wonderful, beautiful anon.

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dalekmakingtea asked: happy birthday!!! <3

Thank you! Love ya :3

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ronniethebakerstreetgirl asked: happy birthday, darling!!! :)

Thank you so so much darling! It’s been a wonderful 18th :D

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Alright, it’s finally official. On this day this stupid person (yours truly) is finally an adult!

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